Read these thoughts and drag the bad thoughts to the left side and put the good thoughts at the right side of the screen. As you complete more levels, your player will get younger.  I'd like to hear more about it from you guys.


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nice game. personally I would add more sentences at certain points, based on words already used. but make it the opposite. like now we have "bully the nerd", also make "love the nerd". this way we can no longer relay on one word to know if it's a good or bad thing. now I drag a sentence to the left the moment I see squirrel,

Oh, really solid advice. Thanks for it.

love the 2D and how the text react with each other
there is a bug sometimes where it doesn't register when you put words in one side or the other.
Overall an interesting experience ^^

Glad you liked it!

Nice! I like what you did for your first game! Feels great finishing your first game, isn't it? :D

The game gets a bit dull after a while, but the basic concept is solid and fun. I think more "thoughts" and a more changes on your character would make it a bit more engaging. 

Oh and another thing: I think the penalty for getting a thought wrong is a bit too harsh. It feels a bit too punishing to lose a whole level every time you get something wrong.

Would be cool if you could check out my game and provide some feedback :)

Thanks for the feedback. I sure will checkout your game.

Nice model and animation!